Right way to choose under eye creams

Apart from skincare, eye care is also a very important part of maintaining skin health. The skin under the eyes is thinner than in other areas. The under eye skin is also very sensitive and prone to damage. With the increased time we spend under harmful sun rays, the damage to under eye skin increases. Similarly, the number of hours that we spend in front of a screen working also has increased exponentially. The blue light-emitting out of the screens causes considerable damage to the under eye skin. Taking care of the under eye skin has become essential than before.

While there is a misconception that only older people need under eye creams, under eye creams are a necessity for even people in their late 20s. An under eye cream is specifically formulated to keep the under eye skin nourished. Such a cream provides the particular actives that act against under eye darkness and circles. These creams keep the under eye skin hydrated and reduce signs of aging. The most preferred under eye treatment is an eye cream for dark circles. Some people prefer lightweight gels for under eye treatment over other formulas.

For better results and powerful treatment, dermatologists also suggest eye serum use to patients. Whether you use an under-eye cream, gel, or serum, you need to choose the formula based on the ingredient that works best. This article talks about choosing the right eye cream so that you get brighter eyes and young skin.

The most powerful active ingredients for eye care

  • Caffeine

Caffeine is usually found in coffee and is a de-puffing ingredient. If you suffer from tired eyes that have dark eye bags under them, caffeine under eye treatment is a good choice. There are serums and creams infused with caffeine for this purpose. A 0.5 percent caffeine cream is good for the eye skin.

Caffeine constricts the blood vessels and improves blood circulation to the under-eye skin. Thus, a caffeine eye serum improves redness and darkness under the eye. If you want a good anti-pigmentation formula for your eyes, a caffeine cream or serum is a good investment. Applying caffeine-infused eye cream before sleeping at night repairs under eye skin. You wake up with brighter, well-rested eyes.

  • Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural hydrating acid that retains moisture in the skin. Often wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes emerge due to dryness and lack of nourishment. A good hyaluronic acid eye cream cools your eyes and provides relief to tired under eye skin. After a long day, hyaluronic acid is a good soothing ingredient to put under your eyes.

Apart from an eye cream, you can couple an eye treatment with a hyaluronic acid moisturizer or sleeping mask. This seals in moisture and nutrients into the skin so that the skin rejuvenates overnight. The person wakes up with rested, beautiful eyes. The acid helps reduce under eye darkness and fine lines.

  • Retinol

Retinol or vitamin A infused eye creams are great as anti-aging treatments. Long hours in front of the screen age our under eye skin. The use of a good retinol cream under the eyes reverses damage and premature aging of under eye skin. Regular use of retinol-infused skincare products improves skin texture and reduces under eye lines. Retinol boosts cell turnover and gives you younger-looking skin and brighter eyes.

  • Vitamin C

A vitamin C serum or cream is also good under eye treatment. Vitamin C is known for its brightening properties. A powerful vitamin C cream in the day or night is a good eye cream for dark circles. Many brands are coming out with vitamin C-infused eye creams that specifically target under eye darkness. Vitamin C also reverses the impact of environmental pollutants and oxidative damage to the skin. Since the under eye skin is very sensitive, use of a vitamin C serum is essential. With regular use of vitamin C products, your under eye area looks radiant and young.

  • Peptides

Peptides are very underrated as skincare ingredients. However, peptides are great as anti-aging compounds. Peptides are usually found in human diets. Peptides are building blocks of collagen, a skin-supporting protein. The skin texture is supported by collagen structure internally.

The use of peptide creams increases the pace of skin cell turnover and keeps the skin firm. Thus, peptide creams are great as anti-wrinkle creams. Under eye creams with peptides cure fine lines and eye wrinkles. Peptide creams work from within by boosting collagen synthesis.

Whether the person is in his 20s or 30s, everyone needs good under eye treatment in their regime. The regular application of an eye serum keeps your under eye healthy and fresh. If you are looking for effective under eye creams, Kiehl’s eye creams and eye serums help your eyes recover from damage and fatigue. Keeping the ingredient and concern in mind helps you find the right cream for under eye.

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