Why Entrepreneurs Prefer to Start a Travel Agency Business in Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s leading business destinations. A large emigrant population and large tourist influx make the emirate a good fit for investment in a travel agency. The number of travelers who are increasing every year makes this business area more promising. In this section, we will discuss how to open a travel agency business setup  in Dubai. Starting a travel company in Dubai is as easy as any other business. Investor-friendly regimes are business-friendly.

You can set up your own travel company or you can use our support to take care of the formalities of setting up a business on your behalf. Hiring a business startup service to start a travel company can be beneficial in several ways. They will advise you on the company’s ideal jurisdiction and location which will help you get better results. Moreover, the professional assistance provided by the service will give your site an edge over others.

The Simple Steps to Start a Travel Agency in Dubai

The steps to open a travel agency in Dubai are simple and easy. Any former or local entrepreneur can continue the process without any dilemma. Dubai is known as a cheap destination for investors. The regime ensures that identity is maintained. And make regulatory changes from time to time to make doing business easier.

Review and confirm jurisdiction before opening a travel agency in Dubai. You can start a travel company in mainland Dubai or a free zone. The procedure depends on the selected domain. You can also select company settings from the following options.

  • Inbound tour operator
  • Outbound tour operator
  • Travel agent

Once you have identified all of the above, you can begin the formalities of business formation.

Select a Company Name

You’ve decided what type of travel agency you want to start with. It’s time to decide on a name now. The name of the travel agent in Dubai must comply with the existing naming regulations of the country.


Prepare the Legal Structure

Prepare legal forms depending on the type of company and notarized by an authorized notary.

License Formalities

A travel company license to operate under the Dubai mainland jurisdiction is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). The establishment of a company in a free area is carried out by a free area agency. After entering your name, submit the application for authorization along with the required documents to the authorities. The regulatory body will review the documents and issue a business license in Dubai.

Open a Bank Account

With your license and other company documents, you can open a company account at the bank of your choice. Check the requirements at the bank before contacting them.

Get Visa for the Employees

Travel companies in Dubai can hire an acceptable number of immigrants on a work visa. Apply for a visa to work in Dubai at the authorities. After obtaining a trading license, you can start a full-fledged business. Do strong advertising to reach potential customers.

Type of License You Need to Start a Travel Business in Dubai

There are three types of travel agency licenses in Dubai. Determine the license based on the type of work you expect. Types of license from a travel company in Dubai to open a travel agency::

  • Inbound tour operator license
  • Outbound tour operator license
  • Travel agent

The Documents You Need to Open Travel Agency in Dubai

Dubai authorities do not require complete documentation to set up a travel company in Dubai. Expats can submit the required documents and set up a travel company without further hindrance. The documents required to open a travel agency in Dubai include:

  • Copies of passports of the ex-pat entrepreneurs, designated manager, and other designated persons
  • A family history book and ID proofs of the individuals who are the residents of UAE
  • Good conduct certificate for the designated manager
  • Experience certificate, notarized by an authorized public notary
  • NOC from the Civil Aviation Authority


Why Choose Professional Business Consultants to Start a Travel Agency in Dubai

A professional business consultant company is your trusted partner in setting up a travel agency in Dubai. They have professionals with extensive experience in starting a business in Dubai. They not only take the formalities of setting up a company on your behalf but also by your side with suggestions and actions. The experience of their team will be your guiding principle. They offer comprehensive services to make your travel agency in Dubai a success. A strong connection with the highest level of power will benefit you and your company. Most professional business consultant firms have a team of professional consultants, who have significant years of experience in the related field. They will help you in starting your travel agency in a short period. They will help you gather all the required documents which you require for starting any business in Dubai.



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